NAVTEQ is the leading global provider of  premium-quality digital map data traffic and location data (digital location content) enabling navigation, location-based services (LBS) and mobile advertising around the world. You'll find NAVTEQ data onboard most in-vehicle navigation systems. It's also the driving force behind a new generation of important navigation services, including: Internet websites, Enterprise/Fleet/GIS solutions and government and business solutions. 

For hundreds of applications around the world, NAVTEQ digital map data is the data of choice. Manufacturers, application engineers, product developers, and consumers know NAVTEQ on Board means data that is precise, robust, detailed, and reliable.

NAVTEQ's digital map database is like no other, because it's built on the roads of the world with precision. Each day, hundreds of highly trained field researchers drive and re-drive highways, streets, alleys and rural roads. Armed with a high level of training and proprietary collection technology, they build a database from a driver's view. And it's built to a single global standard.

NAVTEQ digital map data doesn't just feature road geometry. It contains dozens of road attributes for every kilometer, everything from speed restrictions to lane configurations - in more than 85 countries (and counting). And it also offers developers and users millions of Points of Interest, so it enables turn-by-turn directions to restaurants, fuel stations, shopping and more.

NAVTEQ is recognised as a worldwide leader in digital maps, their maps power the majority of vehicle navigation systems in the U.S., Europe and World Markets. NAVTEQ maps are found in 58 countries and also fuel all of the leading online mapping services, as well as major wireless, fleet and government applications

NAVTEQ has more than 213 offices in 50 different countries and nearly 1/3 of their staff drive the roads every day.

NAVTEQ data is used in: 

  • Automotive Applications where NAVTEQ are a leader in digital maps for automotive and telematic applications in North America, Europe and World Markets
  • Consumer Applications with the data being used in the forefront of location-based services for portable navigation systems, wireless and internet applications
  • Business and Government Solutions that use GIS to help entities with scheduling, optimization, asset management and vehicle tracking

NAVMap is NAVIGATE's data suite of engineered NAVTEQ navigable data sets. NAVMap products that enable mainstream GIS technologies, the routeability and geocoded attributes globally, by countries or regions.

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NAVMap is NAVIGATE's data suite of engineered NAVTEQ global data sets.

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FME is a solution to meet your needs when you must quickly move and restructure data from one GIS to another.

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